What’s Next for Exercising My Rights?

Imagine what we could accomplish if more of us took a stand for our rights?

Well, my Saturday exercise routine has now come to an end. The big anti-lockdown protest on Saturday 30th May, felt like a fitting climax to what I’ve been doing. And with the lockdowns now easing my life is somewhat returning to normal with personal and family obligations on the weekend now eating into my weekly lockdown exercise times.

I’m glad to have inspired people to speak out and take action, and as I mentioned in my speech at the Millions March, I’ll definitely be exercising my rights at other times and in other ways moving forward.

So what’s the plan for Exercising My Rights from here on out?

I still have a court case to figure out. So I’ll keep you updated on how that goes and I’m also eager to find out the outcome of Renee Altakrity’s court case, so when I know more about that I will post information about it on the Facebook page.

I will continue to promote issues related to liberty and if there are other pro-liberty protests in the future that pique my interest, I might just break out the ol’ exercise gear again, head down and do another live stream.

I want to say a big thank you to all of you guys out there that have come along for the journey these past 2 months and supported me in this campaign. Those of you who encouraged me in the early days and sent me positive messages really gave me the extra push I needed to continue in this fight.

And especially to my mate Lewis, who has featured in a few of my exercise videos. His decision to be my exercise partner on Day 1 is the reason why we even started all this in the first place. So, thank you, Lewis.

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with this thought.

If you’re inspired by the impact one person can have, imagine what we could accomplish if more of us took a stand for our rights? 

And always remember, muscles are like rights. If you don’t use them you lose them.

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