The Deadly Consequences of Lockdowns

The cure is worse than the disease.

Extreme lockdowns have devastating consequences to the livelihoods of everyday Australians which leads to deadly consequences. They are are an overreach of government on our God-given rights and the ensuing stimulus drives future generations further into debt.

Destroying Lives

“There is a tipping point at which suicide, alcoholism, and domestic violence becomes too high a price in an all-out fight against COVID-19… As the panic subsides, we must remember that we are sacrificing life-years to save life-years. And we must vigilantly watch for the tipping point at which the cure becomes worse than the disease.”

Source: Lockdowns will kill people too

“The economic crisis in Europe and North America led to more than 10,000 extra suicides, according to figures from UK researchers.”

Source: Recession ‘led to 10,000 suicides’

“As it stands right now, deaths of despair from crashing the economy via lockdowns will significantly add to the final death toll and may end up surpassing fatalities from the virus itself.”

Source: Will “Deaths of Despair” Outpace Deaths From Coronavirus?

How many Americans suffering from other illnesses cannot see a doctor now? How many Americans will lose their jobs, their life savings, their retirement prospects, and their incalculable feeling of self-worth? How many will succumb to depression, drug or alcohol abuse, and suicide? How many will lose their homes, divorce their spouses, or suffer abuse? How many will never recover in their careers? How many small businesses, including vital doctors, dentists, and veterinarians, will vanish from your community? How many young people will “fail to launch”?

Source: End the Shutdown

“With the Stay At Home executive order, “essential” services are allowed to continue while “nonessential” ones are not… Winners and losers are unnecessarily and arbitrarily being determined… Many families will be unable to pay their bills, their property taxes, or their mortgages. Many will unnecessarily be forced into bankruptcy and become dependent on the state, in a time when we will be devoid of resources. Some may feel so much despair they attempt suicide. And it will all have been preventable.”

Source: More thoughtful lockdown rules could spare us loss and suffering

“Unfortunately, such lives versus money (or the economy) comparisons make the mistake of comparing a particular end (reducing COVID-19 deaths) not to another end, but to a means (additional resources) that can achieve many alternative ends. And those alternatives include saving other lives.”

Source: Ending the Lockdowns Isn’t about Saving Money. It’s about Saving Lives.

Destroying Livelihoods

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down businesses across the country, with a staggering number of Australians stood down or laid off… The Government estimates that up to 6 million Australians will require some level of support to get through what’s shaping up as the worst economic crisis in a century.”

Source: Staggering number of Australians stood down or laid off

“The unemployment rate in Western Australia is feared to reach 13 per cent with 100,000 people set to lose their jobs as a result of the coronavirus, according to data from the state’s peak business group.”

Source: Coronavirus crisis: Virus drives 100,000 West Australians into unemployment

“Last week, in a Goldman Sachs survey of 1,500 small business owners in the United States, 51% of them said that, amidst the COVID-19 crisis, their business could only continue to operate for 0-3 months.”

Source: Coronavirus news: 51% of small business owners say they won’t survive beyond 0-3 months

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